Wontons and Winging it

Today was a high maintenance cooking day.  Over the weekend we brought Jonah to American House to visit his great grandparents and the easter bunny.  We were close to Trader Joe’s so we made a visit.  I have mixed feelings about buying and eating meat so I tend to spend the extra money and buy organic or humane meats which are stocked at TJs.  I bought some peppered turkey lunch meat and thinly sliced chicken breasts.  I was hoping that Jonah would try the lunch meat and I knew I could make something for him with the chicken.  He actually ate a whole piece of the turkey at lunch!

In the morning, I put the chicken in the crock pot with water, light seasoning, some leftover celery, and an onion.  My thinking was it would be chicken soup-ish and I could thicken the stock into more of a cream gravy for Jonah’s dinner.  The rest of the chicken I would shred for the adults for this recipe.  I was also going to use a few wonton wrappers to make these healthy mozzarella sticks.  When I got to the construction phase, I realized the wonton wrappers were supposed to be the larger egg roll wrappers.  The egg roll wrappers would have worked much better, even though the only ingredients were the buffalo chicken and the TJs broccoli slaw (I left out the bleu cheese–yuck).  So because the wonton wrappers were so small I sandwiched two together and folded up the edges a bit. For the mozzarella sticks, I unwrapped four string cheeses and cut them in half to make eight sticks–each one wrapped in one wonton.  I could bake all of this at the same oven temp and I did follow the tip to place everything on a rack on top of a cookie sheet for 360 degree heating.  I know my oven runs slightly hotter, so I checked on everything around twelve minutes and the mozzarella sticks were oozing and the buffalo bites weren’t quite done.  The result:

Matt ate the cookie sheet cheese.

Conclusion:  I would make the sticks and buffalo bites again, but closer to the recipe and less baking time on the sticks.  Jonah loved the creamy chicken too!

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