Yesterday I made Pumpkin muffins fairly modified (sub pumpkin pie spice, sub sugar, sub applesauce).  They turned out not very sweet which would make them excellent with a good cream cheese frosting I bet.  Maybe the honey would have been better than sugar?  Jonah liked them (and I figured he would at least try them so I used real sugar instead of Splenda which I would have used if it was an adults only food).  Anyone have a fool-proof go-to pumpkin muffin/bread recipe?


I also made Tomato Basil Parmesan Soup in the Slow Cooker.  While Jonah ate breakfast I managed to throw the starter ingredients in and then I made the rue/finished the soup while he napped.  I forgot to buy veg/chk broth at the grocery store so I added water and some random spices and added extra carrots instead of celery.  I also almost always omit celery from recipes because I’ll use two stalks and throw the rest away (because really, who eats celery?).  I used skim milk for the adult servings and way less butter for the rue.  It turned out great.  For Jonah, I pureed it a bit (because the carrots were still hard) and added whole milk.  He loved it.


It was a good eating day for Jonah–lately those are rare.

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  1. That soup sounds amazing! Going to have to try that one soon.

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